Finishing the Fourteeners on Snowmass Mountain

08/02/2008 to 08/03/2008

Snowmass Mountain was a very fun and very beautiful choice for a final fourteener. Easy enough that we didn't need to worry too much, but spicy enough to keep you on your toes. We brought along some party accessories to celebrate with, too.

Looking down the Snowmass Creek drainage at a storm building up. Taken from the log jam about 2 miles short of Snowmass Lake.
Logan, Ryan, and Brian cross the log jam along Snowmass Creek.
The first view of Snowmass Mountain from Snowmass Lake was a bit ominous with the clouds.
The sunset over Snowmass was beautiful.
The first hints of the pink of sunrise color the clouds.
Some virga in the vicinity of the Maroon Bells as the sun starts lighting our route up Snowmass Mountain.
Alpenglow on the slopes of Snowmass Mountain. The summit is in the center, but the snowfield is not visible.
Pyramid Peak and the Maroon Bells in thebackground with the sunlit flanks of Snowmass Peak and Hagerman Peak in the foreground.
Brian climbs towards the ridgeline on Snomwass Mountain with Snowmass Lake in the background far below. John and Ryan are behind him.
Brian climbs the snow towards the summit of Snowmass Mountain we were aiming for the point just to the left of the center of the photo where the snow meets the ridge.
Brian kicks steps into the very steep snow right before we gained the ridge.
This is me topping out on the cornice on the ridge between Hagerman and Snowmass Mountain.
Brian along with the blocky rocks on the west side of Snowmass, only a few dozen feet below the summit.
We put our party hats on about 25 feet below the summit.
Brian is excited to reach the summit of his final fourteener, which sits just behind him only 25 vertical feet away.
Brian on the true summit of Snowmass Mountain with Capitol Peak in the background.
Hagerman Peak and Snowmass Peak are the peaks in the foreground, the background includes Pyramid, the Maroon Bells, and the gorgeous Fravert Basin.
The view of Lead King Basin, Geneva Lake, and Treasury Mountain from the summit of Snowmass Mountain.
This is me on the true summit of Snowmass Mountain, my final fourteener, with Capitol Peak in the background.
Capitol Peak and a bit of Pierre Lakes Basin from the summit of Snowmass Mountain.
Snowmass's namesake snowfield with Snowmass Lake also visible a couple thousand feet below.
The view to the east from the summit of Snowmass Mountain.
Brian and I pose on the summit of Snowmass Mountain, celebrating our final fourteener.
Using party accessories on the summit of Snowmass Mountain to celebrate our final fourteener.
Brian took this shot of me glissading down the very sun-cupped snow on Snowmass Mountain with the peak lit up in the background. Notice my pants fashionably tucked into my socks.
During the descent of Snowmass Mountain the clouds came up rather quickly from the west.
The view of Snowmass Mountain from our campsite near Snowmass Lake.
A map of our route on Snowmass Mountain. The red was the ascent, the blue was the descent. We would have been much better off had we stuck to the red route at the point where they intersect, but we lost the trail a bit..